ScopeDome is a major manufacturer of professional quality rotary domes for the astronomical community, worldwide.


Production is in Poland, in two highly specialized manufacturing plants.










ScopeDome Poland produces a complete range of rotary  dome products with diameters 2, 3 4 and 5.5 meters.


Having achieved a very high production efficiency, Scopedome Poland manufactures its big format domes with very short delivery times of one month.









After production of the shell superstructure, all domes have their first time build-up phase, where the drive system and the dome are mated.


In this critical phase the dome is alligned and all its systems are thoroughly tested.


This is also the time that our customers are invited to inspect their dome and can file any "last minute" requests.


Have a look at this happy owner, checking his new 5.5 meter dome.


Our big size observatory domes stand everywhere, from South America, Africa, Asia to Austrialia and French Polynesia.








ScopeDome's factories can supply observatory domes in any of the available RAL colors.




Our white 3M observatory dome is the most popular and  worldwide the best selling astronomy dome. 


With over 500 units sold in the last two years, it is also the most used astronomy dome worldwide.


The ScopeDome astronomy domes are standing all over the world, to serve both advanced amateur and profesional astronomers.








Another dome leaving the ScopeDome Poland factory, on its way to a satisfied customer.


With a proven logistics solution ScopeDome can deliver. Anytime. Anywhere.





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