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Hans Gerritsen (CEO)

Hans is involved in all observatory planning, engineering matters, tooling and construction. His roots are in electrical engineering and industrial automation. Hans is  our major contact to the customer and our PR secret weapon.


Hailing from the Netherlands, he defines most observatory projects for ScopeDome GmbH and does site surveys all over the world.

Irene Gerritsen (COO)

Irene is at the helm of financial management and controlling in ScopeDome GmbH. 


She also heads human resources, accounts and our backoffice operations.

Harald Kempe is our project manager and leads our worldwide observatory projects and construction department. He is an experienced specialist in CAD/CNC design and heavy construction.

Raul Truta is a man of many trades and one of our most proven team members. He has great experience in the assembly of the bigger dome versions, worldwide. Raul is also involved in all instrumentation issues.

Martin Bichler is an experienced dome construction specialist. He is the latest to join the company and currently responsible for small observatory projects.

Konrad "Conni" Lindner is dome construction and sealing specialist. He is involved in the construction of all of ScopeDome's bigger observatories, worldwide.

Cristian Ciula is specialist for high quality roll-off observatory systems, as well as 2 and 3M dome construction operations.

Walter Neitzl works for ScopeDome GmbH as dome and roll-off specialist.

He is also a master- carpenter, who works closely with Harald Kempe to develop our roll-off observatory production segment.


Rudolf Brandel works on a free-lance basis for ScopeDome GmbH, runs his own roof construction company and is our trusted partner in the roll-off product segment.


Dome construction           (Germany)

Special projects                 (worldwide)

Dome construction           (int. ops)

Roll-Off observatory construction

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